Crow Wisdom

I spoke with crow during the night. I asked for clarity, to help with the feelings of sadness that surrounded me. Feelings of being old and outdated, spent and useless. Crow led me with its call across the meadows and into the forest, heading deep into the forest, deep into the darkness. I followed his lead as I know he would bring the magic of creation into my life. I stepped into the darkness feeling supported and safe. I felt myself drawn to a certain place in the forest—it was shrouded in darkness with a twisted tangle of branches and vines. I could not see through the bramble, but noticed something shining from within it. I approached slowly, not knowing quite what I was to do. Once confronted with the tangled mess in front of me, I asked Crow how to reach inside to the glowing object. Crow looked directly into my eyes and said, “Your tears will untangle what blocks you. Your way in will then be clear.”

I went deep into my sadness, into the feelings of uselessness and my tears fell easily upon the twisted branches. As my tears fell, the branches magically released and I could see this shining light clearly. I reached through the opening into the twisted branches and grasped the shining object. It was an egg shaped object, here in physical reality, yet also in the otherworld. There were many dimensions to it. Crow told me to open the egg. Again, I asked him how to do that. Crow said to use my breath, to breathe from my soul. I closed my eyes and felt deep within my body for the breath of life. As I breathed upon the egg, it opened. Inside I found my heart~~~~May Crow speak to you today,

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