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                                      Ravenfire Gemstone Eye and Chakra Pillows

How to Use the Ravenfire Gemstone Eye and Chakra Pillows

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I created these pillows to easily be used by individuals at home and by energy workers in their practice.  As an energy worker who uses a lot of stones in my work I was tired of having the stones fall off the body when a client sneezed or moved in any way.  The idea of the pillows came to me!   The pillows contain gemstones inside but can also support gemstones placed on top of the pillows during a treatment.  And the pillows can also be heated in a crock pot (my preferred method) or by microwave for 30 seconds—no more.  The warmed stones inside the pillows help to retain the heat within the pillow.  Warming the body with the pillows adds deeper relaxation and opens the body to the stone energies.  Eye pillows are best left unheated as hot eye pillows should never be placed on the eyes!


Several people have written to me telling me how much they love the eye and chakra pillows.  I share these with you to let you know that these pillows really do aid in balancing the energies in the chakras creating harmony and wellness in your body and your life.  One person told me she’s been sleeping through every  night since she started using the Sleep Well! pillow!

Newest Testimonial (Nov. 2011)

This testimonial is from a man in Oregon who works with the pillows for himself and animals.

I am an animal Reiki practitioner with a focus on shelter dogs
and rescued horses. My days are full of “Reiki miracles” but the shelter
environment often takes its toll on my energy and well-being. Over time I find
that my ability to channel Reiki becomes inhibited due to negative energies and
blockages acquired from the healing process. All healers experience this to
some degree. Jeanne’s Gemstone Chakra & Eye Pillows have been an invaluable
tool in “healing the healer” and I have purchased several of them. Guided by
intuition I use one or more every evening just prior to going to sleep to help heal,
purify, and recharge my being. I frequently use the pillows with great success
during my Reiki healings with animals placing them on their appropriate chakras,
meridians, and acupoints. Check out the photos of a few of our Equine Outreach
Sanctuary horses in the Reiki zone benefiting from the healing qualities of the
chakra pillows. Slater, the Australian Shepherd, was recovering from surgery to
remove a lump above his ear. I used the “first aid” and the “master healer”
pillows on his Gall Bladder meridian to help speed his recovery. The pillows
are all different as the gem quality stones inside have unique healing qualities.
That’s why I have 13 and counting and always have at least 3 in my Reiki
backpack. One can easily sense the energy and healing qualities of the stones
by holding a pillow between your hands. The lavender flowers smell wonderful
and the fabrics are all perfect for each pillow. Last night was a full moon. I
had all my pillows on the window sill along the side of my bed recharging in
the moonlight except for one. I fell asleep channeling Reiki through “The
Master Healer” pillow over my heart chakra. It was awesome!!!

This next testimonial is by a healer who uses the set of 7 chakra pillows:

“I would like thank you for coming up with the idea & implementing the construction of the chakra pillow set. I have used them several times now & am impressed at the quality & versatility. The pillows helped me to place & keep the stones placed while I did my healing work. As you already know, no two people are alike so trying to place a stone can be quite challenging. Sometimes I would not need a stone for placement. The energy of the pillow was enough for the area I was working on. I have had comments from clients about the pleasant scents they have too. I look forward to getting some more of the different varieties you have to offer, but I will need a bigger tote to carry them all in now.”  Frank DiCristina

This testimonial was in reference to using the Shamanic Journeying/DNA Activation Eye Pillow:

“I have to tell you about my gemstone pillow. The other night I had a headache so I decided to put the gemstone pillow over my eyes as I slept because of the lavender in it……I ended up having the most unusual other-worldly dreams. It was as if I took peyote mushrooms or something (only guessing of course). I woke up at about 3am and took it off immediately so I could sleep without the dreams. I knew it was because of the gems in it because I slept fine the rest of the morning. Oh, my headache was gone in the morning. Not sure if it was because of the lavender, Reiki energy or the fact that my spirit was journeying all over the place/worlds.

Had to share with you my experience in case you ever doubted the strength of your pillows. :)
~anya, MN

This testimonial is referring to the healers set of all 7 chakra pillows:

“I’d like to spread the good news about RavenFire Chakra Pillows.  I’ve had my set for just two days; already with some phenomenal experiences.  I happened to have an extremely difficult and emotional experience occur at work.  I felt like I had been kicked in the solar plexus and my energy was scattered big time.   I was having difficulty calming my nerves and recentering.  That night I laid each pillow out on myself and felt the stones and the lavender working together to help me restore my peacefullness and center.  It was a very loving experience.  The light pressure felt like a gentle mother’s healing touch – right where I needed it.  They focused where the issue was – but by using all the pillows, I was able to disperse the healing throughout my whole body and restore some balance.   The Chakra Pillows arriving in my mailbox was pretty synchronistic with what was going on with me, and I was so grateful to have them.  Not to mention the fact that they are beautiful.  The pillows are great when doing healing work with others, and I love having beautiful tools, but they can also be a godsend for personal work. The other amazing experience happened with my seven year old grandson.  He was looking at the pillows – was holding the blue throat  pillow and said “Granny this one looks like ocean.  I see things in here.”  I had him lie down and laid them out on his chakras.  He closed his eyes like he was meditating and whispered, “the earth, the air, the fire, the water.”  Shortly afterward, I needed to go to town on an errand.  He asked me if he could bring a pillow along.  I said – no they’re not toys.  He said, “I know that Granny, they teach me things!”  I find these Chakra pillows healing, beautiful and wonderful smelling.  Every energy worker should have a set.  Every person who wants some healing should have a set,  and they would make great gifts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I LOVE THEM.”  S.E., MN

Suggestions for using the Chakra Pillows, 1-7

To balance the chakras, begin with the root chakra (Red) red agate, gently place the pillow on this chakra and state an affirmation that pertains to the client’s issue.  The first chakra is about security and stability, survival, grounding, trust.  Example affirmation might be, “I am safe and secure.”  Allow the energies of the pillow to merge with the body’s energy system.

Move on to the sacral chakra (orange) carnelian.  Place the pillow on the chakra.  Second chakra is about sexuality, primal feelings, relationships,creativity.  Sample affirmation: “My creative energies are giving birth to new ideas.”  Allow the energies of the pillow to merge with the body’s energy system.

Move on to the solar plexus chakra (yellow)citrine or gold tigers eye.  Place the pillow on the chakra. This third chakra is about your personal power, self-worth, self control, personal authority.  Sample affirmation may be, “I stand fully in my power.” Allow the energies of the pillow to merge with the body’s energy system.

Move on to the heart chakra (green) rose quartz.  Place the pillow on the chakra.  The heart chakra is about unconditional love, healing compassion, forgiveness, selflessness.  Sample affirmation:  “I live my life with an open heart, sharing it with others.” Allow the energies of the pillow to merge with the body’s energy system.

Move on to the throat chakra (blue) sodalite.  Place the pillow on the chakra.  The fifth chakra is about communication, integrity, personal will.  Sample Affirmation:  “I always speak my truth clearly and respectfully.” Allow the energies of the pillow to merge with the body’s energy system.

Move on to the third eye chakra (indigo) lapis lazuli.  Place the pillow on the chakra.  The sixth chakra is about intuition, imagination, insight, clairvoyance, inner seeing.  Sample affirmation:  “I honor my inner visions.” Allow the energies of the pillow to merge with the body’s energy system.

Move on to the crown chakra (violet) amethyst.  Place the pillow on the chakra.  The seventh chakra is about universal consciousness, enlightenment, divine connection.  Sample affirmation:  I am one with the Divine.”  Allow the energies of the pillow to merge with the body’s energy system.

Allow the energies of all the pillows to move into the energy body.  When it feels appropriate, remove each one, beginning at the crown and moving down to the root.  As you remove each pillow, give thanks for the healing that was given.

This is just one suggestion for using the pillows.  You may use them in a myriad of different ways, adding stones to them, using one pillow, etc.  Be creative!

It is important to cleanse the pillows after use.  The stones will need cleansing and re-charging.  You may do this in several ways. (1)Hold the intention for cleansing and pass the pillow through burning sage. (2)  Hold the intention for cleansing and take a quartz crystal and pass it over the entire surface of the pillow.  (Be sure to cleanse the crystal then by holding it under water with cleansing intention, using your breath to “blow away” and clear the energies, or bury it in the earth and then recharge with the sun. (3)Place the pillow beneath a copper pyramid holding the intention for cleansing. (4)“Brush off” the energies from the pillow holding the intention for cleansing.

7 chakras pillows

RavenFire Gemstone Eye and Chakra Specialty Pillows

Seven  New Selections for 2011!!!

Weight Loss Chakra Pillow:  This pillow is great for those of you who are seeking an aid in your weight loss program. It contains two powerful stones that help us toward our goal of losing weight.  Apatite suppresses hunger, raises the metabolic rate and encourages healthy eating! (Powerful stone)
Hematite enhances willpower, imparts confidence and treats overeating!*
These two stones together are a powerhouse of energies directed toward reaching your weight loss goals.
This pillow is best used by placing it on the chakra which you know is at the core of your overeating issues. For example, if grief is your issue, you would put it on your heart chakra. If self-worth is your issue you would put it on the solar plexus. If in doubt, experiment with the different chakras and see where it feels best on you.
Once you’ve found the best placement, envision yourself at your perfect weight. Envision how this would change your life. What would your interactions with others look and feel like? How would you act differently in the world? Envision the life you’ve always wanted. You can also use affirmations such as, “I am at my perfect weight”. “Love fills me up”.

Past Life Integration Pillow:
This pillow is to be used for accessing karmic wisdom and providing past life healing here in the present.
Rhyolite can access karmic wisdom. It is useful for past-life healing as it processes the past and integrates it with the present, which provides understanding of how the past can be used to heal us today.*
The pillow may be used by placing it on the forehead for past life recall and on the solar plexus for emotional release.
When working with the pillow for past life recall, use the intention to learn how a past life is influencing you today in your life and how you can integrate this wisdom into your daily life. Lie down and place the pillow on your forehead and hold the intention for healing. You may experience thoughts or visions from the past that will be brought to your awareness. Ask how you are to use this information in your life.

Earth Star Chakra Pillow:
The Earth Star Chakra is located 6-18 inches between and below our feet. This chakra holds the soul into incarnation and links the physical body to the earth through the grounding cord. This chakra is not located in the physical body but is part of the etheric body. This chakra aligns you with the magnetic core of the earth. As you connect to the earth’s energy you draw from the earth vibration that enables you to become grounded, and you discharge into the earth your excess energy.
Obsidian is a very powerful stone that grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane, bringing them under the direction of the conscious will and making it possible to manifest spiritual energies on earth. Obsidian provides a grounding cord from the base chakra to the center of the earth.*
Use this pillow if you are feeling ungrounded and in need of releasing excess energy into the earth. If you have intense spiritual experiences it is recommended that you routinely release excess energy. Place the pillow on the earth star chakra. Visualize a cord running from your base (1st) chakra down into the center of the earth. Mentally “send” and intend that your excess energy by sent into the earth. Affirm, “I am grounded in this physical world. I am stable and supported by the earth.”

8th Chakra–Higher Crown:  The 8th Higher Crown Chakra of the universal heart is the bridge between our ego-based perception and our higher awareness. Unconditional love is the vibration of this level of perception. It brings together the energies of our mind, heart and will, creating an energetic portal, balancing and raising our awareness to the transpersonal level.* It is located 6-12 inches above the crown chakra.
Kunzite awakens the heart center and unconditional love, producing loving thoughts and communication. It radiates peace and connects you to universal love. It has the power to combine intellect, intuition and inspiration.**
Use this pillow if you are seeking deep connection to the universal energies of love and peace. Place the pillow on the 8th chakra. Visualize and call in connection with divine universal love and peace. Feel your connection with your higher self, your divine self. Hold the intention/affirmation that says, “I am ONE with the universe. I am filled with universal love and peace. I radiate universal love and peace. I am love.”

Connecting with Nature Pillow:
This pillow is great for those of you who are seeking a deeper connection with nature. This pillow may also aide you in your communication with trees and plants.  Tree agate provides a powerful connection to the nurturing energy of nature and nature spirits. It enhances your rapport with living things, facilitating communication with trees and plants.* Research has shown that physical connection with the earth can improve your immune system. Tree agate seems to help support the immune system.*  This pillow can be used by placing it on the first or second chakra. (On the heart for immune system). If your intention is for communication with a tree or plant, visualize the tree or plant in your mind, take a deep breath, and speak to the tree or plant, asking to learn its wisdom or anything else you might want to know about it. Listen to the thoughts in your mind that come, and pay attention to the feelings that accompany these thoughts. If you can “send” your mind to actually merge with the tree or plant that is even better. To know that we are deeply connected to the earth can give us a sense of groundedness and stability and protection in our lives.  You may hold an affirmation in your mind that all of nature communicates with you, and/or that you are in communication with the nature spirits.
New Beginnings Chakra Pillow  If you’re starting out on a new adventure in your life, or a whole nes life for yourself this is a great pillow for you!  Moonstone is the stone of “new beginnings”.  It is strongly connected to the moon and the intuition.  It calms the emotions as we move through the changes in our lives.  Place on forehead for spiritual experiences and solar plexus or heart for emotions.*  Place on the appropriate chakra and intend that you will move easily and effortlessly through all changes as you begin your new adventure in your life.  Intend that you will listen to your intuition and be open to its wisdom.

Below are the original Specialty Pillows:

Shamanic Journeying/DNA Activation Eye Pillow   Leopardskin jasper is the Shamanic Shapeshifter’s Stone. It is excellent to use in shamanic journeying, placing the pillow over the eyes.  Leopardskin jasper also:–Assists in listening to your inner voice–Helpful for cellularmemory, DNA and tissue regeneration–Activates 12 strand DNA healing.*
Place the eye pillow gently over the eyes and relax. Allow the relaxing scent of the lavender flowers to relax your body. When journeying just place eye pillow over your eyes to block out the light and allow it to enhance your experience.


Wealth/Abundance Chakra Pillow Who doesn’t want more wealth and abundance in their life? This pillow may aid you in your quest!  Moss agate is the stone that attracts wealth and abundance. It also refreshes the soul and provides a strong connection with nature.*
To use this pillow, place it upon the second chakra and visualize yourself with all that you want in your life. Feel as though you already have what you desire, and don’t forget to see how you might help others with this abundance as well.


Healing the Healer Chakra Pillow This pillow is perfect for all energyworkers and those who work in the healing professions. We all need to have a way to heal ourselves from the emotional and energetic energies that surround us in our work environment.  Prehnite balances the chakras, heals the healer, is a stone of unconditional love, and it seals the auric field in a protective field of divine energy.*
To use this pillow, place it on the heart chakra or any chakra in need of deep healing. Hold the intention of healing for yourself, feeling the release of unwanted energies and being re-balanced again. “I am healed” is an apt affirmation to hold when working with the energies of prehnite.  

Loving Yourself Chakra Pillow

Pink opal aids in accessing and expressing one’s true self. It enhances self worth and aids inner beauty.*  Use this pillow if you are your own worst critic and need to work on expressing love toward yourself. Place the pillow on the third or fourth chakra (solar plexus or heart). Visualize and call in love for yourself, your body, your voice, your personality, all of it. Envision what a beautiful being you are, seeing the divine within you. Hold the intention/affirmation that says, “I love myself the way I am, there’s nothing I need to do.”


Attract Your Soulmate/New Love Chakra Pillow This round pillow is designed to be placed upon the heart and to call love into your life.   Rhodochrosite is an excellent stone for the heart and relationship.
It can attract your soulmate and also helps to energetically heal sexual abuse. It can help you to love yourself.*The rose petals further enhance the properties of attracting love into your life. And the lavender flowers help the body to relax, to open to receiving love.
To use, lie down and place the pillow upon your heart chakra. Hold the intention in your mind of attracting love into your life. Actually see, in your mind, love coming to you, and feel the feelings of being loved. Is excellent for meditation as well, to feel the love of the Divine.  

Joy! Joy! Joy! Chakra Pillow

Sunstone dissipates fear and dark moods. It encourages optimism and enthusiasm. It restores sweetness to life.*Kunzite awakens the heart center and unconditional love.*
To use this pillow place it on the third or fourth chakra. Visualize yourself filled with joy and love. See your life how you would like it to be, filled with happiness. Allow the energies of the pillow to work within your energetic field. You may hold the intention/affirmation that says, “I am filled with joy!”

Psychic Protection Eye or Chakra Pillow Amethyst guards against psychic attack. Rutilated quartz cleanses and energizes the aura. Hematite grounds and protects, dissolves negativity and prevents negative energies from entering the aura.* This triple stone pillow is powerful!
To use the pillow, place the pillow on the 2nd chakra, take in deep breaths, breathing in the relaxing aroma of the lavender flowers, and visualize yourself safe and protected from unwanted energies of others or energies that may be projected toward you. Allow the energies of the stones to work with clearing and protecting.

Earth Energy Changes/Ascension Process Eye Pillow This eye pillow is very needed today to help with the many energetic changes that are happening in our world. Labradorite is the perfect stone to help us through this time as it helps during change, bringing strength and perseverance. It brings recognition of your destiny, prepares the body and soul for the ascension process and stimulates intuition and psychic gifts.*  To use this pillow, just place it over your eyes, and take some deep breaths, breathing in the relaxing aroma of the lavender flowers. Visualize yourself moving easily through your life’s changes, knowing what it is you need to do, and listening to your intuition.

Actual fabric patterns may differ from the ones shown here due to availability.

To order the pillows, just go to my website, and you will find them there.  You can make payment through paypal.  Thank you!  And you can stop into Brigid’s House and purchase them there!

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