Free Power Animal Retrieval Recording


In shamanic belief the animals are our teachers and protectors. We have animals that are with us our whole life and others that are with us only when we deal with certain issues occurring in our life. Connection with your power animal can help you to retain your power. In this technique the shamanic practitioner journeys to discover your power animal(s) and blows their energy into your heart and the top of your head. You will also learn the wisdom of your power animal and how it is to help you.  Jeanne offers this service, or you can discover your power animal for yourself.  Below is a link to a free recording.  Please note that this recording was made several years ago and the link and prices that I mention at the end of the recording are no longer valid.  All my teleseminar classes are now on my earthdrummer website.

Jeanne offers a free recording to you to discover your own power animal. (This may take a moment to download as you are going directly to the recording.)

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