About Jeanne

Jeanne is a Shamanic Practitioner/Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher in Karuna and Usui Reiki, a Trained Trance Dance Facilitator, Yin Circle Leader, Public Speaker and Founding Member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology and a Masters Degree in Human Development with focus areas in transpersonal psychology, ecopsychology, shamanism and grief and bereavement counseling and education.  Jeanne is an Ordained Minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth. She is a member of the American Academy of Bereavement.

“My own spiritual search began 40 years ago in high school when I started reading Edgar Cayce books. I’d always had unusual experiences as a child and these books finally gave me answers. In my late 20′s I discovered the Seth Books and was propelled into the awesome world of “you create your own reality.” In the early 80′s I began studying healing, beginning with a Reiki training in MariEl healing. I was searching at this time for some “path” that really spoke to my heart.

“In 1989 my world turned upside down.  My 19 year old son, Jim, died in a car accident. It was a time of great testing for me. I initially threw out everything I believed, thinking it was all just stuff to make us feel good and deny the real ugliness of life.

“For the next four years I experienced the dark night of the soul. My heart and my world were shattered, grief engulfed me. I read everything I could on maternal bereavement and knew the process of healing was long, 4-10 years, before life could have any semblance of normal again. At the end of four years a friend suggested I look into getting a soul retrieval to help deal with the grief. Synchronistically, I had just read an article on soul retrieval and so I was familiar with the process. Years before I had read Michael Harner’s book, Way of the Shaman, but I hadn’t explored the area of shamanism further.  The idea behind soul retrieval is that when trauma occurs in our life, a part of our soul leaves in order to survive the trauma. This leaves us with a loss of energy and power and chronic illnesses can result. Indigenous societies performed a soul retrieval within a few days of a trauma to keep the person healthy.  I decided I would make an appointment and have the soul retrieval performed.

“I went home after the soul retrieval not feeling much different than when I went. I was somewhat disappointed. However, over the next few weeks I felt my energy and my self-confidence return. I felt that I was re-entering into life again as I felt the heavy grief lift from my shoulders. I knew I had to find out more about shamanism. I began my study with Bill Brunton of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and found that I loved shamanism. It truly was the language of my heart. For  over 20 years I have studied with many different shamanic teachers and have found every training to be healing and inspiring.

The healing work that I offer includes shamanic healing,(soul retrieval, extraction, psychopomp, power animal retrieval)  both in person and long distance, Karuna and Usui Reiki healing sessions.  I am also the designer and creator of Ravenfire gemstone eye & chakra pillows which contain gemstones that can be used in healing.  I use these pillows in my practice and also sell them at www.earthdrummer.etsy.com and at Brigid’s House.

“Shamanism is about serving the community and I feel so honored to be able to practice and teach at Brigid’s House.   I attended a training on shamanism and cancer which utilizes a ritual healing to connect with  the cancer and affect healing. The results were phenomenal! I’ve trained a group of shamanic practitioners in our area to offer this healing ritual to those with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  Just contact me if you are interested in a healing session.

My recent interests lie in offering information and experience in working with the star visitors.  Shamanic myths and legends abound about connections with the stars.  In November, 2011, I offered a 3 day shamanic retreat on connecting with our cosmic community.  It was an absolutely incredible experience for all in attendance, so much so, that we hope to hold an annual retreat.  I would like to offer this retreat to other shamanic communities and will travel to your community.  Just contact me if you are interested.  I believe this information is pertinent to the 2012 prophecies.

“My Yin Circle training has made me ware that now is the time for women to come forth and return the divine feminine essence to our world.  I really feel that this is an area that I am destined to bring into awareness and to literally, “gather the women and save the world”.  We need to reclaim the world soul, which is the divine feminine.  I envision bringing men and women together in communication with each other, re-claiming the Divine Feminine Essence which is the qualities of nurturing, caring , compassion and connection with nature.  Our world desperately needs this healing!  It all begins with us!  As we heal ourselves, we heal our world.”

I love traveling to new places to teach and look forward to doing this as much as possible.  You just need to contact me if you would like to set up a class/healing sessions in your community.

“The gift of shamanism was given to me out of the dark night of the soul. I carry the shamanic world in my heart and soul. Nature heals us and guides us continually if we just learn to read its messages.  Come into the peace of wild things and remember who you truly are!”

Some of Jeanne’s experiences:

Circle Keeper for the First Women’s Foundation Retreat 2007

Speaker on Celtic Shamanism at the Midwest Shamanic Gathering in EauClaire Wisconsin 2008

Trance Dance facilitator at the Midwest Shamanic Gathering in EauClaire Wisconsin 2009

Featured Speaker at the Winter Soulstice Celebration in Valley City, ND 2009

Keynote speaker on shamanism at the Headwaters Life Long Learning Center, Park Rapids, MN 2009

Frequent speaker at  Body Lab Expo’s Holistic Health and Psychic Fairs, speaking on shamanism and the star ancestors.

Founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practioners

Member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies since 1993

Retreat presenter/organizer at numerous Wild Woman Weekend gatherings in MN and WI

In-Service presenter at several Lutheran Social Service gatherings and retreats on Spiritual Emergency and Self-Care.

Published articles on shamanism in Edge Life and Essential Wellness magazines and New Age Journal

Published poet in several Talking Stick Publications and Spiritual Newsletters

Keynote Speaker at Grief Works Seminar in Brainerd MN 2009

Shamanic Retreat Leader:  Connecting with Our Cosmic Community, 2011, 2012 and 2013

Jeanne has taught classes and workshops in MN, WI and ND and is now offering teleclasses which have included students from all across the country.