Exploring Shamanism Online Class

By taking this program you will:
* Re-connect with nature
* Learn to read the signs and messages from nature
* Experience more self-empowerment
* Improve your self-effectiveness in the world
* Experience more energy in your life
* Feel guided and protected as you follow your life’s path
* Learn to trust that all is provided
* Increase your problem solving skills
* Learn effective ways of healing for your self
Studying Core Shamanism training given by Jeanne Troge has enriched my life by increasing the tools to look at problems and gather information for personal growth and healing work. It develops an inner way of seeing. ~ Amanda
As I stated above,the benefits you will receive from this program are numerous and life changing. Students always tell me they cannot believe how studying shamanism has changed their world perspective. They find themselves in a more empowering place in their lives.
On the first two pre-recorded calls we will practice the journeying method. The last two pre-recorded calls we will discuss shamanic healing and the shamanic perspective on illness. We will also discuss different shamanic healing techniques including extraction, soul retrieval, psychopomp work, divination, and working with the spirits of the land, the weather, and nature.
It would be best for you to know your power animal(s) prior to attending this training. If you do not know about power animals or how to access them I would suggest you listen to my free teleclass “Exploring Shamanism: Discovering your Power Animal.” In that call you will meet your power animal. That’s all you need to know before beginning this training!   ShamanismPowerAnimal.
Core Shamanism taught me how everything in nature is part of a larger energy, even the stones in our garden. Finding the beginnings of the shaman in me was exciting. Jeanne was very approachable and was always there for the simplest of questions.
~ Anya
In addition to the four calls there will also be workbook pages for each lesson that you can download at the time of your registration. These lessons will help you move through and record your experience through the lessons. In developing them, I’ve looked at questions to ask you that might help you gain further insight so that you can use the journeying process to make big changes in your life.