Two Year Celtic Shamanism Training

This training is based upon my experiences in training with Tom Cowan since 1998.  Tom takes Celtic concepts and creates healing techniques and ceremonies that have relevance for us today, yet are based upon the ancient Celtic world view.  The training meets 8 times during the two years, approximately every three months.  The first year we will move through the Celtic Spirit Wheel and will learn about the four main festivals of the Celtic world and will experience their energies in ceremony.  In the second year we will begin deep healing work connecting with the cauldrons of our soul, and we’ll move into learning and practicing Faery Doctoring traditions. 

Connecting with nature poetry is a deep and important part of this training.  Students will be asked to bring poems at each class to share with the class.  Poetry helps us to re-connect with our heart.

In this training you will enter the world of the Bards and Druids, the Faeries and the Fomorians.  You will work with divination and healing techniques.  The energies of the Goddess Brigid , God Lugh, and the Old Bone Mother will be worked with throughout the two years. 

Each two year training is different and follows its own pathway through the Mists into the Otherworld both here and other.  You will be challenged in ways that you may not have words for, and in ways that expand your vision.  You will be led to open yourself to the Mystery of another world within our world.  And the pathway in, is through the heart.

Students should be familiar with journeying and proficient with working with their power animals. The Intro to Core Shamanism class is required if the student has no prior shamanic experience.  The class, Intro to Celtic Shamanism is the first class to take prior to taking the two year training.  This class will help you determine if the celtic path is right for you.  The Intro to Celtic Shamanism class is offered online for just .

Cost is for the two year program. Registration requires a nonrefundable (first and last class) deposit. Payment plans are available, sorry no bartering for this class. Class will meet on a Saturday from 10-5 every three months. Dates are determined by the class participants. And you will have experiential homework between classes.