Mentored Online training in celtic shamanism

Welcome to my online training in Celtic Shamanism!  I thank you for your interest and am excited to offer to you this more convenient mode of learning.  While the best way to learn shamanism is in person, I realize that there are many of you with busy lifestyles who cannot travel or take the time to take classes.  With online learning you can do it at your own pace and time.

There are pre-requisites for taking this training.  You need to know your power animal and have a good working relationship with it, and you need to know how to journey.  If you lack both of these requirements you can listen to the free power animal recording on my website and discover your power animal.  I also have an online class teaching you how to journey, and that is the exploring shamanism class.  I also require that you take the online Introduction to Celtic Shamanism class also offered on my website. 

This mentored celtic training is typically done over a two year period but it could also be done within 12 to 18 months as well.

I do want to say right up front that studying celtic shamanism is not an intellectual pursuit.  It is primarily experiential.  Therefore, the training requires you to do many activities interacting with nature.  You will then report those activities in your Earth journal where you will also record your journeys, dreams and other insights you experience throughout this training.  You will submit this journal to me at the end of each lesson or more if you would like.  So your journal will need to be an online journal, or if you are writing in an actual physical journal, you would need to scan your pages and send them to me or you can copy your pages and send them to me via the post office.

The training itself will consist of audio recordings of the lessons and journeys and files of the handouts for each lesson.  (Handouts are few, as again, the experience is most important).  As stated above you will be expected to keep a journal of all your experiences.  There will be a once a month conference call that is open to you if you wish, to ask questions and share information.  This call is not mandatory.  You are also free to email me with your questions which I will promptly answer.  As you complete each lesson, and have turned in all the work for that lesson, I will evaluate your work and may point out areas or other resources that may be helpful to you.  A certificate in celtic shamanism will be issued stating you had completed the training after you have completed class 8 and turned in all work.

The information in the training is often updated by me but basically this is how the training is set up:

The first four classes we work on the celtic spirit wheel, and the four main festivals of the year that go with the directions.

The fifth class we learn about the cauldrons of the soul and the celtic way of working with the chakras in providing healing for ourselves and others.

The 6-7-8th classes we learn the ancient art of faery doctoring, drawing upon all of our previous work and incorporating it into actual healing sessions.

I will be more specific in the information for each class.

Each class has a different number of recordings.  I  will expect that as you are listening to a recording, that when I tell you to go on a journey, that you will stop the recording and do the journey, and then start the recording again.  The quality of drumming on a recording would be poor at best so I would expect that you have a drumming CD you can listen to .

After each class or lesson, you will be given “homework” to do to further reinforce the information given.  These will be recommendations that you can choose from, or do them all, and you would write down your experiences with each of these activities in your Earth Journal.

 Please let me know if you have ideas on what might enhance your learning experience. Please, please do not make recommendations that are intellectual in nature.  This is why shamanic training is so different from our western mind training—this kind of learning does not happen from a book.  It happens  working with nature and your power animals/guides.  You need to turn down your mind and turn on your heart.  Move into your feelings and turn on your intuition.

Cost of the 8 class training is which I feel  is a reasonable price and is much less than the price of the in-person 2 year training.  This price is good through 2014. 

It is possible that as I move through this training with you that I will include some video of some of the techniques.  I am hoping I can make it through the technology part to do that!

Blessings to you as we begin on this adventure together!!

Jeanne Marie Troge, MA

“Cultivating sacred eyes is what Celtic spirituality holds as a silent wish for each of us.”  Frank MacEowen in The Mist-Filled Path.