Jeanne offers a wide variety of services. From  clergy services onto the work of her heart, shamanic energywork. Her rates are an hour and payment may be made via PayPal, cash or check.

Shamanic energywork is based upon ancient knowledge of indigenous societies who lived in communion with the Earth. A shamanic practitioner contacts the helping spirits and teachers in the spiritual world and brings back information and knowledge to serve and help others and their community. Some of the various techniques are listed on the other pages: power animal retrieval, psychopomp work, soul retrieval, soul remembering, ancestral work, divination work and more, as Jeanne is guided to bring in.

Shamanic energywork addresses loss of power in your life. If you are experiencing depression, confusion, chronic illnesses, fatigue, disease—to the shamanic practitioner, these are all signs of power loss. In shamanic energywork, power is brought back to you to help you live fully and effectively in the world.

Jeanne will meet and talk with you prior to the actual energywork session. During this time she will explain to you the process she will be using. While each session is different according to specific needs of the individual, there is a general process. Jeanne will ask you to lie down on the massage table. You remain fully clothed. You will be asked to simply relax and be open as Jeanne begins the work.

Each session begins by smudging with sage and cedar to clear the energy in the room. Then rattling is used to call in the Spirits and raise the vibration of the energy body. Jeanne will then journey, with the aide of a drumming CD, to her helping spirits for help and guidance in addressing your issue. It is the Spirits who do the energy work.

During the session, according to your comfort level and with your permission, work will be done by means of touch based interventions at the energy centers of the body. Drumming over the body may be used, as well as stones placed on or around the body. Jeanne will sometimes get messages for you that she will tell you. To end the session, rattling around the body and smudging again is done. At this time Jeanne will explain to you the information she received and the energywork that was completed. During the entire session, the client is fully awake and aware. Different bodily sensations may be experience, as well as emotions, visions and sounds