Intro to Celtic Shamanism

Come and explore the pre-Christian ancient Celtic beliefs. Come into the magic and mystery of the Celtic world.  The Celts walked freely between the Worlds, in communion with the ancestors , and in conscious awareness of their interconnectedness with nature.  What can we learn from the Celtic World?  Concepts discussed will include the Otherworld, Betwixt and Between, the Mists, the Hearth, and the Celtic Heart.  There will be an outdoor exercise so dress appropriately for the weather.  This class is a pre-requisite for attending the two year training in Celtic Shamanism.  You do need to know how to journey to attend this class.  Please bring a drum if you have one, bandana, and a pen and notebook to record your journeys and class notes. You are also asked to bring a poem (any length)  about nature that you can read in class.