One year creative process shamanic class.

Come and travel through the shamanic realms through the creative process.

In Spring we will make our own drum to begin our shamanic journey, connecting our heart beat to the heart beat of Mother Earth.  6 hour class, approximately, will be making a 15″ elk hide drum (pictured above).

in the Summer we’ll make a dried gourd rattle to call upon the Spirits to make themselves known to us and to call in the rains for refreshment and cleansing. .  All supplies included.  4 hour class.


In the Fall we’ll look deep within ourselves through the creative process of mask making.  We’ll seal the energies given through a fire ceremony.  8 hour class.  approximately.


In the winter we’ll make a shield of our journey, creating a symbolic representation of our life and our spiritual path.  6 hour class.  approximately.