Two Year Core Shamanism Training


In the first year the students develop their own shamanic practice for self healing by working with the medicine wheel and developing a deeper appreciation for living in accordance with natural law.

The second year requires completion of the first year. Students learn shamanic techniques for healing others; including soul retrieval, extraction, and psychopomp work. Ethical considerations and how to develop a shamanic practice are also discussed.his training is experiential and open to all who have a basic knowledge of journeying and power animals. The Introduction to Shamanism class is required for those with no prior Shamanic experience. Students may apply only for the first year if so desired.

Cost for the two years is.  At the last class students will have the option to meet a second day and practice their healing skills on volunteers from the community. Initial Deposit is. This pays for your first and last class (class 8) and is non-refundable.  Most students then pay $150 per class or a month after the initial deposit.