All trainings and  classes are available through Jeanne. All are offered at Brigid’s House, at various dates throughout the year. Jeanne is also open to traveling to your area and offering workshops, classes and  retreats.

To begin training in shamanism, all classes require that you know how to journey and have a working relationship with your power animal.  This information is taught in the Intro to Core Shamanism Class and is a required class for all further shamanic classes.

Please feel free to attend any class you feel called to. The terms Discovering and Deepening were used merely as a guide. If you feel ANY class is what your soul needs, please, take it!

There is more information in the drop down menu.

Introduction to Shamanism

Two Year Core Shamanism Apprenticeship

Two Year Celtic Shamanism Training

Shamanic Journeying Class

Maskmaking Workshop

Drum Making Workshop

Rattle Making Workshop

Introduction to the Chakras

Ethics for the Energyworker

Expressions of Grief, Healing Our Hearts, Calling in the Ancestors

Working with Weather Spirits

Re-Rembering Your Soul’s Path

Yin Circle for Women

Trance Dance